IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: This is a beta release of the platform, meaning it does not yet include all features of the future full release. Read more about it here

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Thank you for joining the Beta-release of! We’re working hard to create create the best marketplace to provide you with exciting new projects and access to engineering talent. We know you will experience some bugs and errors, but we hope you will help by letting us know via the chat.

While waiting for all the upcoming features, rest assured that we will still do what we can to help you find the right engineer for your project - or to get in touch with the companies. Just contact us via the chat below, and we’ll assist you the best way possible.

Signing Up

Creating an account first requires a valid email address. After providing this information, we’ll send an email to confirm your account registration. After your profile has been completed, you’ll be prompted to go through our screening process. This will include a variety of tests to verify your skills for companies. You’ll also need to create a password and agree to terms and conditions and our privacy statement. Also, to increase your chances of being noticed remember to put as much information as possible (picture, description, etc) - completed profile will rank higher in searches.

Do I need my own company?

No, all you need is “me, myself, and I”, and a completed profile. However, seeing as how we’re in Beta there might be a transition period when you’ll need to be incorporated (in Norway this is known as a aksjeselskap) or have a sole proprietary (in Norway this is known as a enkeltmannsforetak). This is due to liability issues.

Can I work for international companies?

Yes! Of course, that’s the freedom of freelance. You’ll be able to work from wherever you want, whenever you want. Pretty neat, hey? ✌️

How do I get paid?

💰Show me the money💰 releases your compensation about 24 hours after the company confirms the project is complete and has paid through the online portal. The time it takes for the funds to arrive in your account depends on your payment method.